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Tytuł: I was doctor Mengele's assistant
Autor: Miklos Nyiszli

The memoirs of Jewish physician, former prisoner of Auschwitz, who lived and worked at crematoria and gas chambers at Auschwitz. He was eyewitness of mass murders, who every day contacted and spoke to SS killers, and knew the most important camp secrets.
Cena: 32,00 zł
Tytuł: Illicit Letters from Auschwitz
Autor: Janusz Pogonowski

14 June 1940 Janusz Pogonowski was sent to Auschwitz concentration camp. He was only 17 years and 10 months old at the time. He left behind secret letters where he describes the Gehenna of Auschwitz, his dramatic experiences, a young man's yearning for freedom and kinfolk from whom he had been separated.
Cena: 20,00 zł
Tytuł: By bread alone
Autor: Mel Mermelstein

Memoirs of a Hungarian Jew, a prisoner of Auschwitz, Gross-Rosen and Buchenwald. Was brought to the camp as a 17 year old boy. He lost his mother in Auschwitz, two sisters, father and brother. After the war he moved to the United States and settled in California.
Cena: 32,00 zł
Tytuł: To be a Jew in Occupied Poland, Cracow-Auschwitz-Buchenwald
Autor: Stanisław Taubenschlag

Stanisław Taubnenschlag, (Stanley Townsend) was born on January 30, 1920, in Cracow, into a Jewish family possessing numerous contacts with Polish intellectual circles, and with many Polish friends and acquaintances. He was arrested in June 1942 and deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp, from where, one year later, he was transferred to the Buchenwald camp.
Cena: 23,00 zł
Tytuł: Sonder. An Interview with Sonderkommando Member Henryk Mandelbaum
Autor: Jan Południak

This book is an interview with Sonderkommando member Henryk Mandelbaum. He tells of his terrible experiences in the camp. This interview conducted a Polish journalist Jan Południak.
Cena: 25,00 zł
Tytuł: Jews in Auschwitz
Autor: Franciszek Piper

The publication consists of a wide selection of memoirs and statements by former prisoners of Auschwitz as well as German supervisors, and archival documents, photographs, drawings, the list of important events related to the extermination of Jews in Auschwitz and the most important literature on this subject.
Cena: 50,00 zł
Tytuł: Journey through Siberia
Autor: Tadeusz Walląg

The fate of Tadeusz Wallag and the life-paths of his closest family are entwined within the tragic history of Poland, a country which in 1939 was assaulted by two neighboring totalitarian states, the German Third Reich and The Soviet Union. The war and the different occupations led to massive extermination of Polish intelligentsia, which upheld basic values of honor and love of country.
Cena: 30,00 zł

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I was doctor Mengele's assistant
 Cena: 32,00 zł
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