Title: Journey through Siberia
Author: Tadeusz Walląg

Number of pages: 303

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ISBN: 83-916228-0-0

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The fate of Tadeusz Wallag and the life-paths of his closest family are entwined within the tragic history of Poland, a country which in 1939 was assaulted by two neighboring totalitarian states, the German Third Reich and The Soviet Union. The war and the different occupations led to massive extermination of Polish intelligentsia, especially that part of it which upheld basic values of honor and love of country. For their patriotic stance, the Wallags shared in the common agony of countless families and lineages and were condemned to annihilation by exile to Siberian gulags, while Tadeusz’ father become one massacre the victims of Katyn forest, whereas his mother died in Siberia. By Divine Providence, the author survived. In unusually trying wartime and postwar circumstances, Tadeusz Wallag and his siblings were able to complete their higher education. Emigrating to the US, they gave in the then “word of uninvited guests” to their adopted land their abilities, exceptional talents, and hard work.

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