Tytuł: Jews in Auschwitz
Autor: Franciszek Piper

Oświęcim 2015
Ilość stron: 456   +  photographs and documents

Dostępność: W magazynie
Rozmiar: 17,5 cm x 25 cm

ISBN: 978-83-7704-126-0

Cena: 50,00 zł

The publication consists of a wide selection of memoirs and statements by former prisoners of Auschwitz as well as German supervisors, and archival documents, photographs, drawings, the list of important events related to the extermination of Jews in Auschwitz and the most important literature on this subject.
In the large study – introduction, entitled "The Role of Auschwitz in the extermination of the Jews" – the author presents a comprehensive account of the Holocaust of the Jews in Auschwitz. An important element of the study traces the collaboration of Germany allies in catching and transportation of the Jews to the Auschwitz camp from the individual European countries.
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